Crystal Serenity Wine Sommelier Enrico Olivieri Always Has a Smile on His Face

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ONBOARD Crystal Serenity:  January 31, 2015

Our handsome Crystal Serenity wine sommelier, Enrico Olivieri, always has a smile on his face and knowledge to share about the many wonderful wines onboard!

Crystal Serenity World Cruise Wine Sommalier Enrico Olivieri serving our friends Pinky and JohnHere is Enrico serving Pinky and John, our friends and traveling companions, at dinner.

When I asked Enrico if he minded if I posted these pictures on our blog he graciously said it would be ok. Then, he excitedly asked for the address of the blog so his Mother could see him in his uniform.

What Mom wouldn’t be proud to have such a handsome son? So, a message from Enrico Crystal Serenity World Cruise Wine Sommalier Enrico OlivieriOlivieri to his sure-to-be-proud Mother: “Hi Mom! I miss you and love you!”

The crew onboard are the shining highlight of Crystal, professional, cheery, fun loving and eager to please!  A case in point happened yesterday morning in the dining room at breakfast. I ordered Eggs Benedict, the best I have ever had anywhere!! My husband, Mike, ordered pancakes. The waiter brought the eggs and pancakes along with a small glass pitcher of warm maple syrup. He proceeded to pour the syrup over my husband’s pancakes. He kept pouring it until the glass pitcher with enough syrup for two orders was empty. Puzzled, the waiter questionably asked “More?” My husband said with a laugh “Oh no, that’s quite enough.” Our waiter, with a big grin on his face leaned over and in a very soft voice said. “You are supposed to say stop!” Needless to say, we all cracked up laughing!

A few minutes later, seeing we had enjoyed the humor, he came back pretending to have a pepper grinder in his hand, saying “When I ask if you want pepper, you have to say stop, or I keep grinding and grinding!” While the food was delicious, our waiter made our breakfast a fun, special occasion!  That’s so typical of the crew on Crystal! Their goal is to make everyday onboard memorable!

While I can’t be sure, I believe Crystal keeps a profile of each guest and what makes them have that extra special cruise experience. If you are like us – like to joke and have fun and be called by our first names – they will provide good natured frivolity along with excellent service, making you feel at home. Or, if you prefer a more prim and proper no-nonsense type of service and to be addressed by your title and surname, they will accommodate those passengers accordingly as well.

When, you return on your next Crystal Cruise, they seem to remember you, saying welcome back, and seem to already know your favorite beverages, foods, activities and more. They even remember and ask about friends and family who sailed with you previously. Our daughter. Tiffany, sailed with us on the 14-day Christmas & New Year’s cruise in 2014. I have lost count of the number of crew who have asked me on this trip: “How is your daughter, Tiffany?” Or, “Is Tiffany with you on the world cruise?” When her Dad or I say “No,” they unfailingly say “Tell her hi!  We miss her!” Moms and Dads melt at those words, especially when they are genuinely conveyed! We call it being “Crystalized”!

Follow us on this glorious trip … the full itinerary is here.

Of course, if you are interested in more information about World Cruises, especially Crystal Cruises and its World Cruises, or to book next year’s world cruise, which is close to sold out already, or If you just would like more information about Crystal Cruises, please call Tiffany directly 800-733-2048 x 120  (toll-free USA/Canada), +1-407-771-4454 (direct-dial), 0-808-189-1292 (toll-free U.K.); 800-076-002 (toll-free Australia) or visit Cruises-N-More at

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