Princess Cruises Wine List: Very Deserving, Yet Very Reasonable

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Princess Cruises Wine List: Very Deserving, Yet Very Reasonable

Here are Princess Cruises wines available when you cruise Princess!

Crown Princess

Champagne & Wines


Dom Perignon (France)                 Item #2011         $205.85

Nicolas Feuillate (France)             Item #2154         $69.00


50th Anniversary Prosecco (375ml)          Item #2410         $32.20

50th Anniversary Prosecco (750ml)          Item #2411         $57.50

Korbel, Brut (California)                              Item #2015         $32.20

Martini & Rossi, Asti Spumante (Italy)     Item #2014         $32.20

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider     Item #0527         $12.65


Deinhard (Germany)      Item #2160         $32.20

Sauvignon Blanc

Puerto Viejo (Chile)        Item #2161         $30.35

Silverado Miller Ranch   Item #2413         $51.75

Pinot Grigio

Danzante (Italy)                Item #2158         $36.80


Robert Mondavi (California)        Item #2155         $36.80

Simi (California)                Item #2156         $48.30

Pinot Noir

Estancia Pinnacles Ranches (Monterey, California)           Item #2159         $39.10


Oberon (Napa Valley, California)               Item #2157         $46.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Simi Landslide (Alexander Valley California)         Item #2153         $55.20


McPherson (SE Australia)             Item #2162         $39.10


Sextant (California)         Item #2163         $39.10

White Zinfandel

Woodbridge (Calif.)        Item #2111         $32.30

Whether you are interested in wine or not, we highly recommend Princess Cruises. For more information and especially to book a Princess cruise, please call us at 800-733-2048 (toll-free USA/Canada) or +1-407-771-4454.

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