12 Fun Things to Do on Your Private Island Day on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

When considering a Caribbean cruise this winter, make sure your itinerary will include a stop at a private island.  Booking thousands of Caribbean cruises annually, we highly recommend Royal Caribbean International’s private island Labadee®. It’s impossible to choose just one thing that’s special about Labadee. The inviting beach, coral reefs and exciting amenities provide a perfect place to relax and have fun.

Royal Caribbean Labadee Dragon Trail Coaster (1)

12 Fun Things to Do on Your Private Island Day on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

  1. Soar down the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line, the world’s longest zip line over water, or experience the rush of soaring 500 feet above the beaches of Labadee.
  2. Beat the heat on the exciting 300 foot long Dragon’s Spash Waterslide that goes through 10 twists and turns, and ends up in the splash zone at Columbus Cove. It’s the ultimate attraction for family fun.
  3. Feel the rush of coasting at 30 miles per hour on the Dragon’s Tail Coaster, a thrilling ride featuring some of the best views of our private beach. The Dragon’s Tail Coaster will take you on a wild ride of curves, swerves and dips through the mountainside forest with views of the ocean and your ship.
  4. Relax in a more private setting in the upscale sea view cabanas overlooking the action of Nellie’s Beach. Each luxury cabana rental includes two floating beach mats, lunch buffet at Columbus Cove Café, Dragon’s Cafe or Café Labadee, water cooler with six bottles of water, the use of beach towels and the service of a cabana attendant.
  5. Soak up the sun while floating over the gentle waves on a beach mat.
  6. Enjoy the fun-filled Arawak Aqua Park as you bounce and slide on trampolines, water slides, a rolling log and many other floating inflatable water toys.
  7. Choose from several open-air dining venues offering a delicious selection of BBQ, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, fruits, vegetables and refreshing drinks. Bar service is easily available throughout Labadee.
  8. Grab a bird’s-eye view as you soar 400 feet above the beautiful peninsula of Labadee on a thrilling parasail ride.
  9. Paddle through the enchanting Bay of Labadee on a kayaking tour. Absorb the breathtaking surroundings and learn a bit about the Haitian culture.
  10. Take an exhilarating ride aboard a Wave Jet personal watercraft along the scenic coast of Labadee. See your ship from a perspective rarely witnessed by other guests.
  11. Shop for beautiful handmade local artwork, woodwork and crafts. You’ll want to bring cash so you can take home a special memento of this private paradise.
  12. Try the special “Labaduzee” waiting for you – its Royal Caribbean’s signature frozen drink that is out of this world. Sip yours while relaxing in a shady hammock to capture the true spirit of Labadee.

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