Tallinn, the “Danish City” in the little country of Estonia

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Have you thought about a cruise visit to the Baltics, territories that gained independence from the Russian Empire in the wake of World War I: primarily the contiguous trio of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (from north to south). One of our clients offered this very interesting diary of a summer trip and we thought you might enjoy reading it.

There were so many tours to choose from, such as: bike riding around the countryside with a tour guide, visiting a farm where lunch was served by the owners, and viewing palaces and concerts everywhere. We elected to simply sightsee by walking the quaint cobblestone streets found everywhere in the city. Aside from some souvenir purchases, we entered an old church (St. Nicholas) where my husband took a couple of photos before being told that picture-taking was forbidden in the church. We also found a charming café with local delicacies and locally brewed beer. To our surprise, this centuries-old café boasted Wi-Fi Internet connectivity in addition to first-rate hospitality. It appears that old meets new in the charming city of Tallinn.

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