Looking for that holiday gift with the WOW factor?

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Looking for that holiday gift with the WOW factor?

Consider a holiday cruise; nothing is quite as much fun as a spontaneous get away. There is still space on several of the lines and here are some interesting ideas to consider.

Cruises-N-More offers seven reasons to consider a holiday cruise during the upcoming winter vacation season:

1. A true gift for mom – warm her heart and body too! Let her trade in all of the work that goes with holiday cheer and spend it basking in the sun while the cruise line staff put on a memorable holiday with all of the fixings – with touches that are much more than can be imagined. It’s complete relaxation when she leaves the stress, preparation and work of the holidays behind, and instead spends an afternoon in December lying poolside or snorkeling off a cruise line private island.

2. A bonding experience for the entire family – a holiday cruise is a wonderful time to bring together multiple generations. There are so many amenities, activities and entertainment options that you’re bound to find multiple “crowd pleasers” and no one’s stuck with the responsibilities of hosting, which leaves everyone free to spend time together!

3. The smiles on the children’s faces – December voyages can be especially fun for children, as there are often appearances from Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elf friends in the days leading up to Christmas. And Santa’s bag is always full of goodies for the kids onboard…

4. Kid’s activities galore – The holidays are an ideal time for a family cruise as the children are on break from school, and there is an array of supervised activities for kids ages 3-17, including pool activities, special lounges and dedicated nightclubs for tweens and teens. Enjoy a vacation with your children without the stress of keeping them constantly occupied.

5. Memorable holiday gifts – Honestly, what better gift is there for the holidays than a cruise vacation? But here’s another great gift-giving idea – let the children pick out a present in each port of call – each stop will offer different and unique gift items. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the season and create cherished memories of this special holiday together. (Note: If Santa is going to visit the kids, think small token gifts that are easy to hide and transport. Leave big gifts at home to open before or after the trip.)

6. A spirit of merriment is in the air – Many of the cruise lines go all out, and after Thanksgiving they may spend in excess of $100,000 annually just to decorate the ship! There are breathtaking displays of Christmas trees, lights, garlands and even artificial snow…the cruise lines truly bring the holiday season alive at sea.

7. Celebrations of faith – If it’s important that religion play a role in your holiday, take heart – it does not go unrecognized on today’s cruise ships. Religious ceremonies, including Christmas services and Hanukkah celebrations, are observed onboard.

8. Happy New Year! The cruise lines put together elaborate New Year’s celebrations and all you have to do is show up for the party! The lines put together special food, entertainment, toasts, party favors and more that make the night all the more memorable. On New Year’s Day, sports fans will love the special all-day tailgate parties to watch New Year’s Day football.

9. Beating the chill- A Caribbean cruise is perfect for this – temperatures are in the low 80s during this time of year, so the only way you’ll get a shiver is from the air conditioning. For ambiance, some ships feature “snow” falling in the ship’s atrium, but it’s designed to melt before it hits the floor – no cold, no shoveling!

10. Great food – Isn’t the best meal always one that someone else prepares? Cast aside the planning and preparation that goes with a holiday get-together and enjoy the 24-7 availability of a cruise. No one will go hungry on a cruise vacation, especially during the holidays, when world-class chefs prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, plus special kosher foods during Hanukkah. And the desserts –gingerbread, cookies, pies and other deserts abound.

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