7 Reasons Men Will Love A Cruise

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1.   Great Food 24/7– The kitchen is always open on a cruise ship, plus cabin service is usually included.

2.   Teeing it Up – Men who prefer to hit the links rather than the pool or beach can enjoy the game at sea. In addition, amazingly real, on–board computerized golf simulators are available.

3.   Exciting Adventure Travel – Cruise travel is ideal for men looking for adventure. A number of cruise lines offer port excursions to fulfill active lifestyles and increase everyone’s adrenaline. Check out some shore trips here: http://www.cruises–n–more.com/travel/gateway.rvlx?action_route=1:SHORE_EXCURSION:0

4.   Games of Chance – For men who like to gamble, virtually all ocean cruise ships feature floating casinos, with the exception of Disney Cruise Lines. Popular games, such as blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and slot machines test one’s luck while passing the time by.

5.   Beer Tasting Parties, Wine Tasting Opportunities & Cigar Bars – There is no shortage of bars on most cruise ships and beer aficionados lick their lips upon boarding.

6.   Spa Treatments Are Not Just For Women Anymore – In the past, the health spas found on many cruise ships were filled almost exclusively with female guests. Times have changed, however, as more men are enjoying the luxurious pampering and ultimate relaxation afforded spa visitors.

7.   Breathtaking Live Entertainment – cruise lines are producing lavish new, multi–million dollar, special effects– laden entertainment extravaganzas. These Las Vegas–style productions are sure


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