A couple of interesting apps for parents and children that we thought you might enjoy learning about –great for travel.

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A restaurant app — There is a very efficient tool we stumbled upon which may be of interest if you are driving from your home to a North American cruise port this summer. We just love it — it’s called “OpenTable.com.” I have used the mobile app at least 50 times now and it is simply awesome. Grab the app and you will soon have a long list of nearby restaurants, ranked by fees and popularity, wherever you are in the USA or other countries, with the ability to make a reservation immediately with a click. Try OpenTable.com.

A journal app for your children — Hoping to keep those little angels in the car happy?  iDiary is a very fun little journal for ages 5 to 13 and is sure to keep them happy and busy recording their travel adventures.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/idiary-for-kids-journaling/id424283623?mt=8

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