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CRUISE SHIP TRIVIA ‒ 25 intriguing questions and answers

Think you know your ships? And cruising? Test your knowledge with these intriguing questions and answers.

1.     Which ship is often credited as being the first modern cruise ship, specifically designed for passenger comfort and enjoyment versus simply transport? Name the ship, company and year launched?

#1: Answer:  The Prinzessin Victoria Luise, (named for Kaiser Wilhelm II daughter) was launched by HAPAG on January 5, 1901 from Hamburg, Germany. It was built more for passenger comfort than strictly as transportation. Sadly, less than 5 years later, the groundbreaking vessel became stuck on rocks off of Kingston, Jamaica and was declared a total loss.

2.     Oceania Cruises had two ships christened in the same port. Name the vessels and the port?

#2: Answer:  Both the Oceania Regatta and Oceania Riviera were christened in Barcelona, Spain.

3.     Which cruise line offers the world’s priciest food item in one of its restaurants?

#3: Answer: In Silversea’s Le Champagne restaurant diners may order a creamy risotto decorated with authentic gold leaves. At an estimated selling price of USD $15,000 per pound, edible gold leaf is the world’s most expensive food, according to a list compiled by CNNMoney.com.

4.     Where is the world’s new and self titled, “culture harbor?”  Hint, William Shakespeare would approve.

#4: Answer: Helsingor, (Elsinore in English) Denmark. Their “culture harbor” is situated between the city’s center and the famous Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare’s setting for Hamlet.

5.     Which of these is an actual ship?

A)    Outside Magazine Adventure

B)    National Geographic Explorer

C)    Architectural Digest Design of the Sea

D)    Rolling Stone Katrina and the Waves

E)     Conde Nast Bon Voyage

F)     Discover Magazine Discovery Entreaty

#5: Answer B, National Geographic Explorer.

6.     Many scenes from the Poseidon Adventure were filmed about what vessel?

#6: Answer: The RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach.

7.      “America’s Sweetheart” christened which ship, where and when?

#7: Answer: Ambassador Shirley Temple Black christened the Seabourn Pride in San Francisco in 1988.

8.     True or false, the Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built?

#8: Answer: False, it is not the largest ship in the world but is tied. Sister ship, Allure of the Seas is the exact same size.

9.     Sailing at an average speed of 34.51 knots Westbound across the Atlantic Ocean, which cruise ship still officially holds the Blue Riband title (Speed record for fastest passenger ship crossing the Atlantic) set back in 1952?

#9: Answer: The S.S. United States still owns the Blue Riband record.

10. The main ship appearing in the iconic TV Show, “The Love Boat” has had many names, but is still afloat – and in fact is once again for sale. What was the ship named when originally launched?

#10: Answer:  Originally this ship was called the Sea Venture, for Flagship Cruises.

11. With a reported 3,761,056 cruise passengers in 2012, what is the busiest Port in the World?

#11: Answer: The Port of Miami.

12. Hurtigruten is a well known Norwegian ferry/cruise ship company. Which of these is not a name of one of their ships?

A)  Fram

B)  Lofoten

C)  Narwhal

D)  Midnatsol

E)  Trollfjord

#12: Answer: C, the Narwhal is a chubby tusked whale, but not a Hurtigruten ship.

13. What are the “Ambassador Hosts?”  Where do they work and what is their role?

#13: Answer:  The Ambassador Hosts are handsome retired gentlemen aboard all Crystal Cruise voyages. Their role is to elegantly dance with female guests.

14. Which luxury small cruise company is named after a famous artist?

#14: Answer:  Paul Gauguin Cruises.

15. Which cruise line boasts the most ships, with a whopping, 35?

#15: Answer: Viking River Cruises.

16. All the horns on Disney Cruise Line ships play the first notes of what song?

#16: Answer: “When You Wish Upon a Star,” somewhat of a theme song of the Walt Disney Company.

17. Which cruise ship’s artwork is entirely devoted to famed director, Federico Fellini?

#17: Answer: All 12 passenger decks of the Costa Atlantica are a tribute to the life and work of Federico Fellini.

18. Many cruises vessels visit the great state of Alaska. How big is Alaska’s coastline?

A) Slightly larger than California’s

B) Roughly equal to that of the US

C) Less than half of the US

D) Almost equal to Michigan

E) About 3 times that of the US

#18: Answer, E, about three times as large as the rest of the US. That’s big.

19. Which cruise line’s identical 20 passenger ships are named the Letty, Eric and Flamingo?

#19: Answer: Ecoventura, which sails between the Galapagos Islands.

20. Captain Stubing was the famous fictional captain for the Love Boat. What actor played his ne’er do well brother, Marshall?

#20: Answer: Gavin MacLeod who played Captain Stubing also played his brother Marshall, wearing a toupee for the role.

21. Which line’s newest ship is named after one of Portugal’s most beloved queens? Name the line and the vessel.

#21: Answer: Uniworld’s Queen Isabel.

22. Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge is the godmother of the Royal Princess, Princess Line’s latest. Which one of these famous ladies has never been a ship’s godmother?

A)    Dame Shirley Bassey

B)    Dame Julie Andrews

C)    Dame Maggie Smith

D)    Dame Judi Dench

E)     Twiggy

#22: Answer: C, Dame Maggie Smith has never been a ship’s godmother. Yes, even Twiggy holds that honor.

23. Which Cruise ship boats a bowling alley with 6 lanes, the most at sea?

#23: Answer:  The Norwegian Epic.

24. Lifeboats are a necessity aboard cruise ships, just in case a need arises. What is the name of the special steel winch-like device that launches lifeboats into the water?

#24: Answer: A davit.

25. Which cruise company employs identical twins as Executive Chefs aboard two of their vessels?

#25: Answer: Yorkshire born, identical twins Nicholas and Mark Oldroyd are both Executive Chefs on Cunard Line ships. Mark is aboard the Queen Victoria and Nicholas on the Queen Mary 2.

How did you do?

21 correct answers and up = Captain

16-20 correct = First Mate

11-15 correct = Cruise Director

6-10 correct = Bosun’s Mate

1-5 correct = Seagull

Thanks to Bob Ecker!

c. Bob Ecker 2013. Bob Ecker is a travel wriier living in Napa, California


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