Crystal Cruises: Russia’s luxury world of the imperial past

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Image courtesy of Crystal Cruises
Image courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises’ luxury travelers can step into Russia’s luxury world of the imperial past with Crystal Cruises’ latest Boutique Adventure…

This shore excursion  is NOT available on any other cruise line and only available to a limited number of Crystal guests.

Offered with four Crystal Symphony Northern Europe cruises this summer, the new outing affords rare, exclusive access to areas of St. Petersburg’s Fabergé Museum that are not open to the public, including Romanov family exhibits, former aristocratic domiciles and Brothers Karamazov art collections.

Precious bejeweled Fabergé eggs are, of course, the centerpiece of the “insider” tour, although more than 4,000 antique pieces of Russian decorative arts and palatial surroundings will also envelop guests in opulence during their visit. Via special arrangements, the museum curator himself will guide guests through Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg’s impressive private collection of imperial Fabergé, which includes 15 of the world’s remaining 50 eggs elaborately designed by St. Petersburg’s own Carl Fabergé.  Nine of the iconic eggs showcased belonged to Russia’s final tsarist family, the Romanovs, and are considered to be the jeweler’s finest works.

These, combined with rare silver, religious ornaments, paintings and other objets d’art, are housed within 18th-Century Shuvalov Palace, itself a masterful work located in St. Petersburg’s historic city center, elegantly restored following partial destruction during WWII.

For more information on a Crystal Cruise, please call Tiffany at extension 120 ~ 1-800-733-2048 or email us at


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