World Cruises: Exotic shopping and unique gifts

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World cruises offer the opportunity to purchase remarkable gifts to bring home from unusual ports of call. Shopping is always exciting as you will see many items just not the normal types of gifts. One of our favorite’s places to shop is The Peninsula Hotel. We found some stunning Chanel purses in this tucked-away shop in one of our favorite hotels. And of course, lunch at this extraordinary hotel is always on our list of to do’s in Hong Kong.

About the hotel – The Peninsula name is synonymous with romance, glamour and style – hotels in some of the world’s most exciting cities, stunning facilities, world-class service and a unique combination of tradition, heritage, innovation and glamour offer guests a hotel stay unlike any other, whether on business or leisure. The Peninsula Hotels has a proud heritage as Asia’s oldest hotel company, which first started in Hong Kong in 1866.

It has an interesting story. In 1880, two brothers from Baghdad, Ellis and Elly Kadoorie, arrived in Shanghai, marking the beginning of a remarkable family business. They bought their first shares in the company in 1890, and the Kadoories are still at the helm today as majority shareholders of one of the world’s finest small luxury hotel groups and China’s first luxury hospitality brand, with an unmatched heritage stretching back to 1866.

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