What is a “Guarantee”?

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When the ships are heavily booked; for example, say inside cabins are all sold out or the cabins in general are tight on the ship, the cruise lines offer what is called a “guarantee price for a specific category.” 

What this means is that an offering is made for a specific category, example in this case it is a “balcony guarantee.”  This combined with a “Buy One Get One” at half off is a rare offering available at this moment. Call for details and availability on this rare offering:

A balcony guarantee simply means that for a basic balcony cabin price you will allow the cruise line to choose your cabin for you. You may end up in the basic balcony cabin (which is what you paid for) or you might get upgraded to a higher level balcony cabin or even better possibly a junior suite or up and up. However, most likely, if you do get an upgrade, it will just be to a better balcony cabin.

Travelers who book a cabin guarantee have a rather large upside and the downside is not being able to choose their own cabin number versus cruisers who book their cruise in a more traditional manner and receive a cabin assignment at time of booking.

Those guests who book a guarantee are only promised a stateroom – somewhere, anywhere on the ship – in the same category that they’ve chosen and paid to book. The actual cabin will not be assigned until sometime after your booking (often a few weeks or even days’ prior to departure).

A good analogy is when you don’t have a seat assignment on a flight. The airlines hold certain seats for preferred travelers and handicapped travelers and don’t assign those seats until close to flight time. You may end up in an exit row or bulkhead seat with more legroom, or a preferred seat in the front, maybe even a first class seat. Downside is it could be the last seat in the rear section of the plane.

If you would like to know more about this or “guarantee pricing” please call 800-733-2048 (toll-free USA/Canada), 407-771-4454. All of the cruise specialists are knowledgeable in this area. To book a cruise online Visit Cruises-N-More at http://www.cruises-n-more.com/

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