Crystal Serenity World Cruise … Catching Up … Days 19 to 30

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ONBOARD Crystal Serenity – Here’s what we’ve been up to … beautiful days At Sea in the Pacific … then beautiful islands …

Crystal Serenity CY_Penthouse

Day 19 Sunday Feb 1, 2015 At Sea

Day 20 Monday February 2, 2015 At Sea

Day 21 Tuesday February 3, 2015 At Sea

Day 22 Wednesday February 4, 2015

Day 23 Thursday February 5, 2015 Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is a triangular-shaped speck of volcanic rock in the center of the South Pacific, covering a mere 45 square miles in area. It lies over 2,000 miles from the nearest population center (Tahiti to the west and Chile to the east), making it one of the most isolated places on Earth. Although called Rapa Nui by the Polynesians, it was later renamed Easter Island by the Dutch explorer Admiral Jacob Roggeveen, who discovered the island on Easter day in 1722. This remote island is an archaeological treasure, which for generations has puzzled scientists and historians alike. Why did the island’s ancient inhabitants sculpt hundreds of colossal stone moais from volcanic stone, transport them from quarry to coast, and raise them on stone ahu (platforms)? How did the Polynesians first come to this tiny volcanic outpost, the most remote inhabited island on earth, and what lessons can we learn from their legacy? To this day, there are still no proven answers to these and many other haunting and unexplained mysteries. Crystal Cruises is pleased to offer this unique look at one of the Pacific’s most remote and rarely visited destinations.

Day 24 Friday February 6, 2015 At Sea

Day 25 Saturday February 7, 2015 At Sea

Day 26 Sunday February 8, 2015 Cruise by Pitcairn Island/Adamstown, UK

Pitcairn Island is inhabited by the descendants of Fletcher Christian, his band of British sailors and their Tahitian wives who mutinied on the Bounty in 1789. After arriving at this unknown “safe” island, the mutineers burned the Bounty so that no one could escape to tell of their whereabouts. Their isolation was so complete their closest neighbor was the island of Mangareva, some 300 miles away. Ever since it was settled, this hideaway has remained unaffected by the outside world. Handicrafts are a mainstay of the economy, as woodworking or weaving are common occupations for most families. The island prides itself on its limited-issue stamps, which are much sought after by collectors. Crystal Serenity ship stayed just off Bounty Bay and the descendants of Fletcher Christian and his crew come out to the ship with their carvings, weavings and other local craft items. No organized shore excursions are planned on Pitcairn Island, as guests do not go ashore.

Day 27 Monday February 9, 2015 At Sea

Day 28 Tuesday February 10, 2015 At Sea

Day 29 Wednesday February 11, 2015    Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands

Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, is by no means a sleepy town. With an international airport, wide waterfront-boulevard and new buildings, it boasts all the modern trappings of civilization. Its engaging atmosphere is vibrantly alive, a marvelous potpourri of European manner and carefree island ways. A few steps from the pier, boutiques and galleries abound as Tahitian shopkeepers dressed in bright paréos greet customers with a welcoming iaorana. The nearby open-air market is a bustle of activity. Away from the clamor of town are peaceful fern grottos, tiny villages tucked in verdant valleys and ancient sacred maraes.

Day 30 Thursday February 12, 2015 Bora Bora, Society Islands

James Michener called it the most beautiful island in the world, for Bora Bora fulfills your every fantasy of how an island paradise should be. Majestic 2,000-foot-high peaks tower over its tranquil lagoon, their reflections mirrored in glassy waters. Thatch-roofed huts lie cradled beneath shady palms on sugar-white beaches as the scent of exotic flowers wafts through the air. Colorfully decorated le trucks wait ashore, ready to take you on a discovery of the island’s awesome beauty. Nearby, glass-bottom boats lie poised, awaiting the opportunity to introduce you to an undersea world that is rich with vibrant sea life.

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