10 Reasons to Consider Seabourn – Your Premier Ultra-Luxury Cruise Experience

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For vacationers planning a cruise, we highly recommend Seabourn for an outstanding cruise experience. From luxurious accommodations, to gourmet dining and adrenaline sports offerings, this versatile line has something to offer for even the most discerning cruise travelers.

  1. Unmatched Suite Availability. Each ship offers all-suite accommodations with a personal suite stewardess available to fulfill your every whim. 
  1. Memorable Expedition Cruises. Seabourn offers luxurious expedition cruises onboard the Seabourn Quest, where you can explore off-the-beaten-path locales like Antarctica, Patagonia and South America in all-inclusive luxury. 
  1. Gourmet Food & Champagne and In-Suite Bar, Complimentary Open Bars and Fine Wines Fit for a Connoisseur. All dining is complimentary, including sumptuous dishes designed by award winning chef Thomas Keller, paired with wines that are every sommelier’s dream. 

    Caviar in the surf- image courtesy of Seabourn
    Caviar in the surf- image courtesy of Seabourn
  1. Beachcombing in Luxurious Style. Many of Seabourn’s voyages include their signature “Caviar in the Surf” beach barbeque. You’ll enjoy iced champagne and caviar served alongside a barbeque lunch.
  1. Eco-Friendly Cruises and Destinations. Seabourn has a partnership with UNESCO to promote sustainable tourism at World Heritage sites. This partnership allows Seabourn to offer their passengers an enhanced experience when visiting these destinations.
  1. The Convenience of All-Inclusive Vacations. There’s no need to figure out who or how much to tip, as it is not expected (or even encouraged) onboard.
  1. Small Ships for a More Intimate Experience. While offering big city amenities, Seabourn ships are smaller, carrying between 208 and 458 guests. Another benefit besides the intimacy: these ships are able to go to destinations to which larger vessels cannot travel.
  1. Unparalleled Watersports. All Seabourn ships offer a marina with complimentary watersports. The marina opens to the sea and a platform extends so guests may enjoy myriad watersports. From skiing and banana boat rides to kayaking, you will never be more intimate with the sea. 
  1. Education & Enrichment. Seabourn invites world-renowned speakers to speak on a variety of subjects in Seabourn’s “Conversations” venue. Highlighted speakers include: Steve Forbes, Richard Stone, Lord Digby Jones, Paul Deegan and Steve Wozniak, to name but a few.
  1. Craving a Vacation? If so … one that offers adrenaline rushes, ultra-luxury suites and service, gourmet food and wine, with picnics beyond your expectations … consider Seabourn. 

We highly recommend Seabourn for ultra-luxury and all-inclusive amenities. If you would like to know more about Seabourn and these special getaways, please contact Tiffany Neidhardt at tiffany@cruises-n-more.com or call 800-733-2048 (toll-free USA/Canada), 0-808-189-1292 (toll-free U.K.), 800-076-002 (toll-free Australia) or +1-407-771-4454. Visit us at http://www.cruises-n-more.com/

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