Now That You Can Finally Visit Cuba – Do It in High Style on Fathom

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fathom logoAfter decades of being “off limits” to American travelers, this tropical country has finally become accessible to cruise connoisseurs looking for that never-seen destination. And there is no better way to see it than from the modern 704-passenger Adonia, one of Fathom’s renowned small luxury vessels. Fathom is proud to be the first cruise ship company to be granted U.S. approval for round-trip travel between the U.S. and multiple destinations in Cuba.

Your seven-day cruise will showcase the very best that Cuba has to offer, and your time on the island will offer you a genuine cultural exchange experience that is part learning, part pure enjoyment…but altogether unforgettable. You’ll visit the island destinations of Cienfuegos (known to Cubans as the “Pearl of the South”), Santiago de Cuba, and of course Havana. And while other travelers negotiate their transits by plane or bus, you will only have to unpack once as you travel in high style. Your unique learning experience will offer you the opportunity to learn the salsa…or maybe the tango. Or maybe the idea of making your own Cuban cocktail appeals to you – a Mojito, Cuba Libre, or Daiquiri, perhaps?

Or, maybe you’re the sightseeing type. If so, you’ve certainly selected the right cruise. Choose from the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old Havana, in the colorful capital…or the great stone fortress of Castillo de Jagua in Cienfuegos, built in 1745 to protect the city against pirate attacks… or the popular festivals of Carnaval and the Fiesta del Fuego in Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba.

Or better still – experience them all!  You’ve waited a long time for this opportunity – enjoy all that this Caribbean nation has to offer, in the comfort of one of the finest oceangoing vessels afloat: the Fathom Adonia.

Please contact one of our cruise specialists for details or to book … at 800-733-2048 (toll-free USA/Canada) or +1-407-771-4454 or email us at

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