Oceania Cruises Releases New Brochure Collection

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Oceania Cruises has introduced its new selection of artistic, coffee-table-style brochures that showcase Oceania Cruises as the foodie cruise line of choice for travel connoisseurs.

The brochure collection, which features The Best of Europe 2017, North America 2017-18, The Exotics 2017-18 and The Tropics 2017-18, is accompanied by Savor the World, the line’s new signature culinary and brand brochure that details Oceania Cruises’ acclaimed dining experiences, designer-inspired suites and staterooms, exemplary service and boutique-hotel style ships.

The covers of the brochures are pieces that can be considered artistry in their own right as each tells the story of the region it covers. The intricate gilded and gold-trimmed gates of The Hermitage in St. Petersburg graces the Europe brochure and signifies the artistry and magnificence of the continent while the Tlingit Totem Pole on the cover of the North America brochure exemplifies the many myths, intriguing history and diverse cultural make-up of the United States and Canada.

The brilliant green eyes and golden coat of the leopard capture the spellbinding beauty of the lush landscapes of Asia, Africa and the South Pacific, while the pearlescent luster of the iconic Nautilus shell projects the beauty of the Caribbean, Mexico and South America.

Image courtesy of Oceania Cruises

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