The 15 Jewels of Holland America Line: Featuring Luxury, Artistry, & Contemporary Flair

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Photo Courtesy of Holland America Line

Few cruise lines can boast the depth and quality of their vessel lineup that characterize the Holland America Line (HAL) fleet. Even more impressive has been HAL’s ability to feature differing, unique signature amenities on each of their 15 ships. The blogs that follow will recap what you will experience – by ship – when you are fortunate enough to sail on these memorable vessels.

You will quickly appreciate three hallmarks of the HAL fleet. Namely, their focus on luxury, fine art, and a marriage of traditional excellence and contemporary flair. Blending the best of the old and new, HAL vessels preserve the elegance of bygone days while incorporating contemporary features and amenities favored by many who are new to cruise travel.

Holland America’s Half Moon Cay

There is simply so much to love about Holland America Line, as our ensuing blogs this winter will reveal. (Have we mentioned HAL’s private island yet?) Stay tuned to our upcoming blogs. We will be discussing the private island. And we will discuss other memorable experiences that are in store for you on a future HAL cruise.

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