Exceptional Shore Excursions, The Ins & Outs of These Day Trips

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Shore Excursions – The Ins & Outs of These Day Trips

The cruise travel experts at Cruises-N-More share the most interesting things about the shore excursions you purchase on a cruise vacation. Here are 15 things you should know about shore excursions offered through Cruises-N-More:

There are different shore excursion types. They are:

  1. Scenic Shore Excursions provide up close and personal access to some of the most spectacular natural environments on Earth.
  2. Cultural Shore Excursions allow you to experience the customs, heritage and local flavor of the destinations.
  3. Active Shore Excursions offer a multitude of exciting and adventurous experiences.
  4. Water/Beach Shore Excursions provide unique ways to enjoy the ocean, beach and sea life.
  5. Cuisine Shore Excursions allow you to sample the local culinary delights.

Shore excursions come in different sizes. They are:

  1. Private Shore Excursions allow you to travel with your party alone and, in many cases, to fully customize your tour. For groups of 4 or more, we can usually arrange a private shore excursion for less than the cost of a large cruise line tour.
  2. Small Group Shore Excursions generally range in size from 2-20 people, providing a more personalized experience than the large excursions offered by the cruise lines.
  3. Standard Shore Excursions typically range from 20-50 people. These tours are similar in size to those of the cruise lines. While these shore excursions are larger in size, our focus on quality remains extremely high.

There are 7 reasons to book your shore excursions with Cruises-N-More. They are:

  1. The highest quality shore excursions are offered.
  2. Best quality shore excursions priced below market value, up to a 50% savings.
  3. Money Back Guarantee.
  4. Guaranteed return to the ship on time.
  5. 24/7 support.
  6. Bundled shore packages for even better pricing.
  7. An actual phone number to call and consult with a shore excursion expert.

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