Getting That Cabin Upgrade On Your Next Cruise

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Savvy cruisers have long known the “tricks of the trade” for securing a cabin upgrade. For the rest of us, it doesn’t hurt to consider the following options to ensure that your cruise will be as memorable (and as comfortable) as possible.

  1. Make use of each cruise line’s loyalty club. Identify – and sign up for – each one before your next cruise. Many will offer you discounts on a subsequent cruise when you book onboard.
  2. Ask your Cruises-N-More travel advisor for upgrade promotions. As your departure date comes closer, check to see if the cabin you desire is sold. If it is not, you may be able to obtain a special price.
  3. Consider utilizing a “guaranteed” (GTY) cabin. At times your Cruises-N-More travel advisor may offer you the option of making a “guaranteed” booking. This means you may book a stateroom of a guaranteed category type on your chosen ship and cruise. However, the exact grade, stateroom number and location of the stateroom on the ship will be allocated by the cruise line (at their discretion) and at any time up until checking in at the port. Once your GTY stateroom has been allocated to you, no changes are available.
  4. Dress up prior to making any upgrade request. You want to look entitled to the upgrade you are requesting.
  5. Ask the Purser’s Office (on board) for assistance. Wait until day 2 and then ask for a cabin not booked, or an empty cabin that resulted from a “no show” booking. Be sure to tell us if you are successful.
  6. Make full use of your American Express Platinum Card. Many perks come with this card – be certain to use it to pay for your cruise. Your Cruises-N-More travel advisor can educate you on all of your benefits.

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