Medallion-Enabled Touchless Experiences on Princess Cruises Include the Following:

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TrulyTouchless™ Arrival and Embarkation

Princess is transforming embarkation day by leveraging OceanMedallion technology to reduce friction, remove contact, and avoid crowds, streamlining arrival and check-in, as well as completely reinventing the traditional muster drill.


Upon return, all guests will be required to become OceanReady before leaving home, creating a touchless, expedited arrival experience and embarkation. Guests will use the MedallionClass app to upload travel documents (i.e. passport information) and complete a health questionnaire in advance as well as provide important emergency information and form of payment, take a security image, personalize their Medallions and order accessories to be shipped to their home or ready for pick up upon arrival.

Simplified Safety Training

A new approach to the safety assembly on embarkation day lets travel parties watch an important safety video on their mobile device anytime on embarkation day or from the comfort of their cabin via their stateroom TV and verify their designated muster station with a quick, contactless check-in at their convenience anytime between boarding and sail away. The OceanMedallion and xIoT provide the verification needed by the ship’s captain to confirm muster drill check-in while strengthening safety and security operations onboard, safe-guarding guest and crew health, and increasing operational efficiency.

Keyless stateroom entry

Access to staterooms is a seamless experience where each guest is securely validated as their cabin door automatically unlocks as they approach – no fumbling for a phone or key card.  The traditional do-not-disturb sign also becomes a thing of the past as the feature is integrated with the personalized portal outside each cabin, allowing guests to request privacy or designate their room for service by touching the display or using the MedallionClass app.


TrulyTouchless Commerce

MedallionPay transforms shopping on vacation by eliminating the need to carry cash and credit cards on board and in Princess Cays. MedallionPay allows for effortless payment when purchasing anything on the ship – food, beverages, merchandise, excursions, even laundry tokens. Because the proximity of the Medallion associates a guest’s photo with their location, crew members can quickly transact purchases without requiring the guest to handover, tap, swipe or insert a card, sign or enter a pin number.

OceanNow™ Service On-Demand

Food, beverage, retail orders and service are delivered directly to a guest’s location.  Guests can place orders using their smart device, their stateroom TV or with a crew member, as the Medallion continuously ensures great service wherever a guest may go on board.

Service Always Available

The location-based capabilities of the Medallion are allowing Princess to completely reinvent onboard guest service. Instead of queuing at the guest service desk for help or support, guests sailing on MedallionClass ships will now be able to request assistance from their mobile device, stateroom TV or any crew member using OceanNow. Requests will then be routed to a crew member to chat or locate the guest to provide personal assistance.

“Princess guests have always loved the convenience of OceanNow, but because the pandemic has expanded people’s appreciation of direct delivery, we think even more guests will embrace the ability to order food, drinks and more to meet them where they want to be – whether that’s a meal or a request for service,” added Swartz. “Not only does it prevent unnecessary queuing, it elevates service delivery.”

Contactless Experiences Accessible from the MedallionClass App

On board Princess MedallionClass ships and throughout the guest journey, a portfolio of exceptionally fun and convenient experiences put guests in control.  Contactless capabilities are accessible from guests’ smart phones and tablets, and include shipboard wayfinding, family and friends locator, first-run movies, an interactive events and activities planner, wager-based gaming, and interactive fun.

  • Locate Travel Companions, Chat Using OceanCompassTM: The Medallion helps guests easily locate and chat with friends and family on board, as well as enables proprietary and industry-exclusive person-to-person wayfinding throughout the ship.
  • First-run movies on the go*: With OceanViewTM, guests can watch recently-released films, the the world’s most popular travel series, and live TV featuring broadcasts of select onboard event and more, from anywhere on board using their smart phone or tablet at no additional cost.
  • Reserve Events/Interactive Voyage Timeline*: An interactive timeline within JourneyViewTM lets guests see all ship events scheduled during their voyage and reserve activities they are interested in attending, adding it to their own personalized itinerary.
  • Wager-based gaming*: With Ocean® Casino guests wager real money on games including slots, poker, bingo, roulette, keno and lottery from anywhere on board, blackjack on stateroom TVs.
  • Interactive fun*: PlayOcean™ puts entertainment at guests’ fingertips with interactive trivia, a ship-wide bar adventure, customizable avatars and more. PlayOcean also transforms guests’ mobile devices into game controllers for interactive gaming on the massive Movies Under the Stars screen near the ship’s main pool.

*Experiences are also available on portal displays around the ship or via stateroom TVs


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