Royal Caribbean’s International Mobile App – The Times They Are A’Changin

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Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

For more than 50 years, innovation has been a big part of what makes Royal Caribbean cruises memorable for every traveler. This, in concert with the latest technology, is what has led to many cruisers’ favorite cruise experiences.

The Royal Caribbean International mobile app, originally designed to maximize every moment of vacation by eliminating lines, crowds and slips of paper, now offers a solution that will help encourage important, new practices—such as physical distancing—and minimize common touchpoints.

Available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, the app offers a series of features that offer useful services such as check in and schedule your arrival time, make dining and show reservations, unlock your stateroom, and much more.

Here are five ways the Royal Caribbean International Mobile App will better ensure that cruisers are safe and healthy on their next cruise vacation:

  1. Scheduled Arrival & Expedited Boarding

Boarding can not only be done quickly, but also safely when cruisers use the mobile app to check in for their cruise. For most sailings, they can scan their passport and upload a “selfie” security photo to generate a mobile boarding pass that will expedite the experience at the terminal. Travelers can then choose their arrival time from a list of staggered options, which will assist them in avoiding large crowds and better ensure physical distancing from the moment they arrive to the time they board.

  1. Reinvented Safety Briefing

Royal Caribbean’s most recent innovation – Muster 2.0 – reinvents one of the least-favorite (but essential) on board activities, reimagining it into a more personal approach that encourages higher levels of health and safety standards.

Leveraging new eMuster technology—developed and patented by Royal Caribbean—the essential information cruisers need to know is available on the app and their stateroom TV, allowing them to complete the briefing in their own time. One simply needs to visit their assigned assembly station—a designated check-in location—before the ship sets sail, so the crew can verify all the steps are completed. Essentially, this means less physical interaction with more time for guests to relax and enjoy their vacation.

  1. Daily Planning

With just a few taps on one’s cellphone or laptop, guests won’t miss a beat with the app’s Daily Planner, whereby they can easily browse and schedule activities, entertainment, dining and shore excursions.

  1. Digital Key & Stateroom Controls

On several ships, the app can also be one’s own Digital Key to unlock one’s stateroom. Once inside, guests can control the TV and even stream content right from their phone, as well as adjust the room temperature, lights and curtains.

  1. Onboard Account

Royal Caribbean makes managing traveler’s onboard purchases easier. From the palm of their hand, cruisers can see all their purchases and credits in real time without having to deal with paper receipts.

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