CDC tweaks cruise mask-wearing and shore excursion rules

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The CDC today relaxed restrictions on mask-wearing outdoors and shore excursions, but otherwise did not make any major changes to rules on cruise ships with 100% of passengers and crew vaccinated.

The CDC’s cruise restart Operations Manual now says that vaccinated passengers are not required to wear masks outside, except in crowded spaces, while unvaccinated passengers still must, including while sunbathing on lounge chairs spaced six feet apart and between bites and sips during outdoor meals.  

The CDC’s ban on independent shore exploration for all passengers was changed from being a requirement to a recommendation, whether passengers are vaccinated or not. It now says that cruise lines may advise passengers and crew that if they are fully vaccinated, “they may engage in self-guided or independent exploration during port stops if they wear a mask while indoors.”

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Photo Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

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