15 Islands Featured in Films To Visit on A Cruise – Cheers to Travel!

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We have visited many exotic islands over the years – what follows is a list of our all-time favorites.  Consider journeying to one (or more) of these stunning locales that are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories. Visit our website and see the interesting shore excursions available, just click shore excursions at the top of the website and then destinations:

  1. Manhattan Island, NY. This one will come as a surprise to many.  However, the heart of New York is featured in countless movies from bygone days.  Even so, there are more than a few additional reasons to visit, among them world class hotels that are very competitively priced at the moment.  You also have some of the world’s premier restaurants at your doorstep, and Broadway theater will be coming back to life this fall.  Did I mention the shopping?
  2. Mackinac Island, MI.  Somewhere In Time was filmed there, at the iconic Grand Hotel.  No cars are allowed on the island – you get there by ferry.  Quaint little shops, an old world hotel with fantastic multi course meals. Don’t miss the annual fudge festival! This lovely seaside island will give you a taste of gorgeous Michigan.
  3. Malta. Parts of Murder on the Orient Express were filmed here.  We visited the island on a Cunard voyage – a very spoiled way to visit such a locale. Sailing into the harbor at Valletta, the capital city is a view you will surely remember for the remainder of your  lifetime.  The food was exceptional and – because of the British component of its history – Malta, and its cuisine, retain a British flavor.
  4. Venice, Italy. The list of movies from the Canal City is endless.  The Tourist comes immediately to mind along with Who it Is killing the Great Chefs of Europe.  From a literary standpoint,  I’ve read most of the Donna Leon novels that were set in Venice.  And from a tourist perspective, look no farther than St. Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge, both reflections of Venice’s unique charm.  Better still, view them while idling away the day on a gondola!
  5. Capri, Italy. The film 1900 was set in Capri.  You’ll want to visit the two main areas, Capri and Anacapri.  Be prepared to truly enjoy some great restaurants serving the finest, and freshest, of Mediterranean cuisine.
  6. Bermuda. That Touch of Mink was filmed there.  What a joy it is to ride a local bus to a public beach that isn’t overcrowded, or to soak up the taste of Britain by enjoying a beer in the pub.  Bermuda is a very “chill out” place, accessible either by cruise or via direct flights from the US.  The beaches have sand that is actually pink.
  7. Barbados. Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery was filmed here! Those photos of Barbados displaying grand houses with huge shaded porches, are the real deal.  If it looks like a great place to visit and relax – believe us, it is.
  8. The British Virgin Islands. OK, I admit it – I’m addicted to the Bravo series Below Deck.  The BV Islands are one of the locales they visited, particularly  Tortola, the largest island, and its capital, Road Town.  Another wonderful island perfectly suited to those who want to “chill”. Rent a boat for the day and sail the pristine waters.
  9. Guadeloupe.  We are fans of the BBC TV series Death in Paradise.  The series is filmed in the French territory of Guadeloupe, where the communities retain a cozy small town feel that will not disappoint.
  10. Australia. If you are a fan of British TV series you might well subscribe to Acorn, Britbox or both.  They have lots of Australian series like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Halifax Retribution.  You may not know that the country is known for producing great wines, typically made in small quantities and only sold locally.  The island is also a naturalist’s dream, featuring exotic animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and the duck-billed platypus – to name but a few of the locals.
  11. Hawaii. As longtime fans of Hawaii Five-0 we may think we know the island, but really don’t.  There’s so much to explore – multiple visits to the main islands are required to better know the islands and their residents and culture.  Order a lei for your lady to be offered as a welcome upon arrival.  They are beautiful orchids
  12.  St. Maarten OK, so Cruise Control – filmed here – wasn’t an Oscar nominee for Best Picture.  On the plus side, you get two countries in one island.  There’s the French side and the Dutch side.  Each has its own ambience and culture, and you will surely enjoy getting to know the best of both worlds.
  13. Palm Jumeriah, Dubai. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol was filmed in Dubai.  You’ll surely be intrigued by the manmade islands in Dubai – they look fabulous in photos, but are more impressive still when seen “live”.  And the hotels…some of the most sumptuous in the world, bar none.
  14. Mallorca, Spain. Yes, there is still another popular British TV show filmed in the islands – in this case, The Mallorca Files.  Mallorca is a resort island off the coast of Spain, renowned for its superlative restaurants and lively nightlife in Palma de Mallorca.  Not to be missed!
  15. Azores, Portugal. Our final offering here actually has no movie references associated with it.  Even so, we simply could not leave the Azores off of our list..  Consider the islands  a bit of Portugal in the middle of the Atlantic.  You will absolutely enjoy idling the day away at one of the many beachfront restaurants you will find.  The seafood is – simply put- as delectable as you will find anywhere or Europe, or elsewhere.

If you’ve read this far, you can tell we are motivated by luxury, good food and avoiding crowds where possible.  These beautiful  islands are places you may visit via cruise ship or a destination day trip.  Visit our website and book a call wiht one of our travel advisors.

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