Crossing the Mythical Path Between Reality and Fantasy While Visiting Hobbiton

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Crossing the Mythical Path Between Reality and Fantasy While Visiting Hobbiton

A Truly Magical Evening on a Crystal World Cruise on the Crystal Serenity

ORLANDO, Fla. (March 25, 2015) – Premier luxury line Crystal Cruises is renowned for memorable trips throughout the globe. Its many excursions include voyages to the Land of the Midnight Sun, the Land of the Aztecs and the Land of the Hobbits.

The Hobbits?

Yes, you heard us correctly. The travel experts of Cruises-N-More are currently on a Crystal Silver Celebration World Cruise for 108 days, round trip Miami that includes the lands of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. This world cruise voyage, which departed Miami on January 14, 2015, is aboard the Crystal Serenity and visits destinations like Tauranga, New Zealand (the home of the Hobbits – see the itinerary here).

Cruises-N-More owner Pat Neidhardt is writing about her adventure on their blog, providing detailed information about the Crystal ship, itinerary, activities, shore excursions and much more. To read all blog entries related to this world cruise, please click here.

Below is an excerpt from one of the most unusual shore excursions one could imagine – in the Land of the Hobbits.

“…Today we are in Tauranga, New Zealand, where there is a special World Cruise Event at Hobbiton, the original movie set for The Lord of Rings movies, this evening for those passengers sailing on the full 108 days. Excitement is building as 501 of the 600 plus full world cruisers have signed up for one of several Full World Cruiser Special Events being held tonight at Hobbiton in Tauranga, New Zealand. Hobbiton?  What’s a Hobbit?  What is Hobbiton?

Those were the exact questions we asked only to find out that Hobbiton is the movie set where several of The Lord of the Rings Trilogies were filmed. Having never seen the movies nor having read the books, we were clueless, along with many other world cruisers. However, we were assured that Crystal goes all out for these full world cruise events and that we would not be disappointed. Still we wondered if it would be worth the hour and fifteen-minute bus ride to see movie props from this Hobbiton?

At 4:45 p.m. we boarded the bus, still unsure of our decision to attend, but full of hope for fun evening. The ride took us up into the clouds through the mountains with beautiful vistas, sheep farms, cattle farms and green pastures as far as the eye could see. The weather was misting rain and appeared very cool. However, once we descended to the other side, it was sunny and perfect sweater weather!

Upon departing the bus, we were greeted by costumed “Hobbitons” carrying trays of red and white wine.

The setting was magical, like stepping back into another time and era in the mythical village of Hobbiton, with its Green Tavern (a real, authentic building, not just a movie prop), lake, mill with giant water wheel and, of course, Hobbit houses built into the ground. There was even a Marketplace across the bridge by the Mill with costumed vendors grilling lamb chops, fresh fish, cheese, bread, shrimp and every type of food indigenous to New Zealand. Of course, this was all free as the entire venue was closed to the public that evening for this special Crystal World Cruise event!

Making our way back across the bridge, more food and wine awaited as did musicians and the fire eater! Not being shy, I chose to get into the act helping the fire eater by holding his torch! With wine in hand we ventured farther into the village only to encounter a special beautiful giant and a wooden bridge over the lake upon which the wizard and his helpers were slowly making their way across the lake on a barge propelled by a hand held rope; all the while loudly welcoming Crystal Cruise Lines’ special guests.

Slowly, we walked and marveled at a scene of what seemed like authentic beauty, as we crossed that mythical path in our minds between reality and fantasy!

The Green Tavern, complete with two fireplaces with blazing infernos of logs, two bars with mugs of beer and more wine, musicians, and tables filled with cheese, homemade breads, beef pot pies, hard boiled eggs (ok that’s weird), fish cakes, and more awaited inside. We chose a few items including one of the most different and deliciously sweet beef pot pies you have ever tasted and headed to a long table outside where roving waitresses in full costume strolled by offering delicacy after delicacy as we watched the village come alive in lanterns as the sun starting sliding away in the sky.

Dessert was served next, along with coffee, beer and, of course, being New Zealand more wine by the roving Hobbiton ladies on trays filled with delicacies. The sky over the lake lit up with holograms of the Crystal logo, Julie Andrews, godmother of the Serenity, and scenes from the movie! This was followed by a spectacular laser light show only to be out done by a brilliant fireworks display over the lake!

Sadly all too soon, it was time to say goodbye to the fairytale land and fantasy evening we had been immersed in and reboard the buses back to the ship, where we were told a huge sandwich buffet awaited on our return at approximately 11 p.m. Were they kidding? We were all stuffed, happy and content after one of the most magical evening we had ever spent!”

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To read all blog entries related to this world cruise, please click here.

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