7 Things to Remember That Can Add Up to Get the Best Cruise Price

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7 Things to Remember That Can Add Up to Get the Best Cruise Price

Back to Basics — Details About You Matter When Booking a Cruise Vacation

The cruise travel experts at Cruises-N-More look at the basics in finding the best deal for consumers booking a cruise vacation, so it does not necessarily pay to be in a hurry when you book that cruise vacation. It may seem tedious when your travel agent asks you questions that do not seem relevant. However, they are just trying to find out information that may help them find you the best rate for your vacation, as certain information about you may qualify you for a discounted rate or promotion.

The experts at Cruises-N-More offer these basic 7 tips that may help them find you a better price for your cruise vacation.

1. Are you a senior? Senior is usually defined as 55 years of age or older. There may be a Senior Rate for you, depending on your age.

2. Are any guests in the Military or past Military? You will be able to receive a special Military Rate or promotion on most of the cruise lines. See full details here in our blog: http://blog.cruises-n-more.com/2011/11/about-military-discounts-and-special-cruise-rates/

3. Where do you live? Certain areas of the USA and Canada may receive special rates. The Resident Rate is just another promotional rate that the lines use to boost sales. It’s only offered intermittently, usually not much more than three to four months before sailing and, again, usually to boost bookings. It may be offered for USA and Canada residents, depending on where they live.

4. Are you a past guest of the line? There are multiple benefits for being a past guest, including a Past Guest Rate. Be sure to mention this noteworthy point to your travel agent.

5. Are you taking a child or children? Again, special rates may apply for most cruise lines for those under 18 sharing a cabin with adults. There may also be special Family Rates at times.

6. Do you have flexible dates for your cruise vacation? It’s all about supply and demand. The date you select may be spring break, there may be a large wedding onboard or a company may be having a meeting onboard. If the ship is close to committed early on, the rates will go higher. Flexibility can be key in finding the best price for your cruise vacation.

7. Ask about a guarantee — and just what is a guarantee? A guarantee is simply a price where you book a certain category of cabin now and receive your cabin assignment later. The cruise lines may offer this because a particular category is sold out and they want to sell more cabins at this rate. There is a chance you will receive a higher category than the category you booked and paid for; however, there is not a guarantee of higher category. For those who need to know ahead of time where their cabin will be onboard, it may be stressful wondering where you will end up on the ship.

Not all cruise lines, cruises or cabins offer all of these special rates and promotions, but when they do it’s worth being sure you take advantage of the rate. Also, if you qualify you may need to pick which one of the promotions gives you the best value, as you usually combine promotions.

When working with a Cruises-N-More cruise travel expert about getting your best rate, these seven things are worth remembering because they can add up to get you the best cruise price. If your agent does not ask, be sure to mention. You can contact a Cruises-N-More cruise travel expert at toll-free 800-733-2048 or direct dial 407-771-4454 or go to http://www.cruises-n-more.com/

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