Azamara Increases Its Diversification of Itineraries

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Image Courtesy of Azamara Cruises

Highlights of 2025 will include an extended Greenland program and the addition of a series of Canada and New England sailings, according to Michael Pawlus, head of itinerary planning.

“For 2025 and 2026 we are also diversifying more. We have had all our eggs in Europe (in the summer), but it is hard to predict how the politics there are going to play out, so we are looking at opportunities to balance our portfolio more now that we have four ships. And guests have been asking us why we don’t go to Canada or Alaska.

Another development for Azamara are more longer-duration voyages.

“We have gone out with dedicated marketing of grand voyages, from 45 to 100 days, and they are basically back-to-back itineraries,” Pawlus noted.

And because of its ship sizes, Azamara is also able to go to places big ships cannot, like Syros in Greece. Pawlus said he would call it a “mini-Mykonos.”

“We are able to dock the ship right in the harbor on the waterfront. It is kind of a less-traveled destination, so people have no expectations for it. Yet it turns out to be one of the highest rated destinations in Greece.

“The ship will be right there in the city center with the markets, the shops and everything, and being a Sunday afternoon, I expect all the locals to come out and see us as we enter and depart. We’ll be the center of attention.”

“Azamara goes to more than 300 ports of call (in 2024-25). That shows the breath of our offerings versus what the big ships can do.”

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